Wednesday, September 14, 2011


There's a certain satisfaction to being the first to do something. It's like licking the pudding from the lid of a freshly opened package of jello or smacking a baby that's just been pulled from it's mothers womb.

For what ever reason it may be, it's simply pleasant to be the first.

In terms of restaurant eating challenges, there really aren't many that remain unconquered. It seems like every eating challenge has already been done by some great eater before I started in the competitive eating business. So when I heard about a new local challenge that no one has yet been able to conquer and that it involved musubi, I ended my eating challenge hiatus and drove to Ola Hawaiian BBQ in Fullerton, CA.

It's been about 3 months since my last eating challenge. I've been somewhat reluctant to do these since eating another 5 or 6 pound meal wasn't much of a challenge anymore and the idea of putting down another giant burrito or hamburger seemed bland. I've also made the decision to focus mainly on competitions since the rewards are generally better and I take great enjoyment from competing with other people.

Still, the allure of taking down a decent portion of food again was inviting, especially if it was something that I would enjoy eating. The Stan-musubi challenge is a seven pound musubi comprised of four layers of rice with grilled spam, chicken and beef between each layer. It was named after the owner and uses three sheets of nori to wrap up everything. It is served on a plate with a spatula.

They have somewhat strict house rules for the challenge. You must finish everything within 35 minutes and you are not allowed to get up from the table, fall asleep or use the bathroom. The bill also comes to a hefty $35.00 if you fail, which is a little more pricey than your usual eating challenge expense. If you manage to finish within the time limit, you get the meal for free and your picture on their wall of fame. At the time of this challenge, there was no wall of fame for the Stan-musubi challenge since no one had conquered it yet. 

Apparently the last challenger ended up throwing up near the end and was very close to completing the challenge. So it would definitely be a feat to keep everything in and become the first person to finish this massive musubi. That really was the most exciting aspect of doing this challenge and I kept it in mind as I started.

It came out very hot, and after preparing my water, utensils and napkins, I quickly dove in. This was a big mistake since the musubi was almost too hot to handle. The heat of the food definitely forced me to take some time to use water to help cool it down. However, it was still very enjoyable. The giant layered musubi is pretty much what you'd expect from a regular musubi only at a much larger scale.

My mouth was a bit salty towards the final third of the challenge and I requested for something sweet to help balance out the taste in my mouth. I ended up with a milk tea boba which not only helped wash down the food but also balanced the saltiness with sweet. The boba balls provided a fun texture to chew on after I conquered the challenge.

At a leisurely 17:55, I had managed to become the first person to finish Ola Hawaiian's Stan-musubi challenge. There was also a smaller eating challenge available that I considered doing after the Stan-musubi challenge. It involves eating 9 normal sized musubi but I decided not to since it had already been conquered several times and I may not be able to set the record time since I had 7 pounds of musubi in me. I hope that they introduce an even larger challenge in the future.

Here's video of the challenge:

Ola Hawaiian BBQ
733 N Placentia Ave
Fullerton, CA  92831
(714) 996-3288

The next step in my eating challenge journey is probably looking for the next unconquered challenge. Either that or to try and beat some decent records set by notable eaters. Or perhaps just finding something that I would enjoy eating large quantities of.

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