Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taco Practice

A common question I get asked is: "How do you train for competitive eating?"

I know a lot of top eaters out there who don't like revealing their winning competitive eating secrets. But to be perfectly honest with you guys, it's just a combination of intense stomach stretching, hard drinking and leprechaun blood.

That's right, leprechaun blood.

Harnessing the magical properties of a leprechaun's life fluid gives me the edge needed to win an eating competition. But It's not easy to procure. You need to go into the wilderness, be lucky enough to spot a rainbow or two and slay the little bastard with a machete as he defends his pot of gold.

Also practicing with the food you'll be eating is a decent way to prepare for a contest. I recently faced the toughest competition of my competitive eating career at a taco eating contest in Huntington Beach. So I went to Del Taco during their taco Tuesday night and got ready.

Unfortunately, I ended up buying the wrong kind of tacos. I was so enamored with the idea of consuming 50 tacos that I had completely neglected the type of tacos I should be practicing with. I ended up buying 50 regular, hard shell tacos filled with ground beef, lettuce and cheese. These would be much different from the chicken and cheese soft tacos I would compete with.

Being that I had already spent about $20 and the notion of exchanging my bags of tacos for something more appropriate seemed ridiculous, I went home and decided just to have a big meal. At 65 grams a piece, 50 of these tacos would weigh over seven pounds. And with a gallon of water, this would at least be a decent stretch for the contest.

So after some tedious taco unwrapping, I managed to pile all 50 tacos onto three paper plates. I poured a few cups of water and started eating. The main drawback with these tacos was the hard shell. I had difficulty eating them quickly without injury to my mouth. After a while, I ended up using a dual taco process, biting two at a time sideways while swallowing them with a lot of water.

The water really helped soften the crispy taco shells in my mouth and made for easier eating. Though the grease from the ground meat didn't really get along well with the water which made for an unpleasant texture going down. After some tiring taco munching, I managed to get through all 50 but still felt hungry after. I guess the most important thing I learned after this taco practice was to stick to the type of food that you'll be eating during a competition and that eating 50 tacos from Del Taco isn't very fun. It think I'll just stick to the leprechaun blood in the future.

Here's video of my practice run:

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