Friday, November 26, 2010

A Whole Bunch Of Noodles

Thanksgiving Day was a special day at Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley, California. They were again hosting a special all you can eat ramen challenge. I've been excited about this challenge for a couple weeks now, it's a great warm up meal for my epic Thanksgiving dinner later that night.

The challenge is very straight forward, you are given 45 minutes to consume as many additional orders of ramen noodles as you can. Those who eat the required amount of additional orders of noodles are given their additional noodles for free and a t-shirt. Men must finish an additional six orders of noodles and women must finish four additional orders respectively. You must also first finish the initial bowl of ramen you pay $10 for before ordering additional ramen noodles. Also, the person who consumes the most additional orders of noodles during the day is awarded a $50 gift card.

I wanted to win this day.

I met up with my adventuring buddy Ang and his coworker Doug, for the challenge. We also met a couple guys who were also doing the challenge, Mike and Anthony. Everyone was excited to get into their ramen, though we ended up starting two minutes after the restaurant started the clock. Our ramen came out hot, much like the pho 20 challenge I did recently. The experience from that challenge really helped, I immediately poured my ice water into the hot broth.

The challenge went by quickly. I kept up a furious pace through the succession of hot noodles. There was a slight delay between the servings of noodles, but the chefs did their best to keep the supply of noodles coming to the five hungry contestants. Mike and Anthony finished first, they stopped after consuming 7 plates of noodles to qualify for their t-shirts. Me, Ang and Doug took the entire time however. I felt like trash towards the end.

I ended up beating the house record of 8 additional orders of noodles, by consuming 16 additional orders of noodles in 45 minutes. That's a total of 17 servings of noodles. Ang ended up eating the 6 additional orders of noodles to make the cut for his free noodles and t-shirt. Though his coworker Doug fell one order short as the time limit came. They had us write our names and amounts on a dry erase board.

It's a weird sensation to be full both of noodles and satisfaction. Also knowing that you have a 6 pound Thanksgiving prime rib roast waiting for you at dinner definitely messes with your foodie psyche. I estimate that each serving of noodles is about half a pound, so that makes for about eight and a half pounds of noodles plus the broth, meat and vegetables from the first bowl. That's a whole bunch of noodles.

But Hell, we got free t-shirts, noodles and I ended up winning the $50 gift card for consuming the most ramen that day. This was a great victory. You can see the mirth in our faces, especially Ang.

Here's the video from the challenge, sorry again for the technical difficulties. I'm still getting the hang of this video production business:

I'll try to recover and make the most of the long weekend, I hope you guys are having an awesome Thanksgiving weekend too.

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