Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Five Weeks Ago

It's hard to believe that it was just five weeks ago when I attempted my first eating challenge. I figured with no eating competitions at the time that I might as well see how I fared as a challenge eater. With a bit of coercion from some awesome people, I found myself in San Diego at 9a, bright and early, to take on the Broken Yolk Iron Man Special.

This challenge was featured on Man v. Food with Adam Richman. The five-pound chili-cheese omelet with a pound of home fries and two large biscuits took him 32 minutes to complete. He was one of the 400 people to finish the challenge in under an hour with more than 10,000 failing to do so. To be perfectly honest, I was both worried and excited to try this because I wanted to do well and I was famished from the lack of sleep and hang over from the prior night.

My buddies Lisa and Joyce went with me to the Gaslamp Broken Yolk location and provided great support, documenting the entire challenge. I've been told by people who have attempted this challenge that it would be delicious. And when I started, I was not let down. This omelet was delicious!

Scarf isn't just an accessory used to keep your neck warm, it's how you eat this omelet. This baby was made to scarf. The amalgamation of egg, cheese, chili and mushrooms went down very rapidly. Despite the food being served steaming hot, I managed to consume the entire omelet portion of the challenge in about four minutes.

The pound of home fries and biscuits would prove more daunting however. In competitive eating, you generally use liquid to help get the starches down. Drinking water helped immensely because taking on the remaining fries and biscuits was like being apprehended and beaten mercilessly by the carb-gestapo. This is when I realized why they call this a challenge.

I managed to power through it, even taking a couple moments to take pictures with random strangers. There's something about having great company and a cheering audience that helps you eat food faster. I ended up finishing in 13 minutes. I scored my free t-shirt, picture on the wall and my $30 meal for free.

They also said that I had set the record for the location, besting the previous record of over 14 minutes. Though after doing some research, I found out that Ben Monson had set the record at 11:12 for all the Broken Yolk locations. And since then Matt "Mega-Toad" Stonie had set a new record at an incredible 7:15! So I'm not sure where that leaves me, I suppose I'll eventually head back there to sort this out. Being that this was my first attempt at an eating challenge, I'm sure I can do better.

Here's footage of the challenge:


With that said, I'll be focusing more on eating competitions in the near future and less so on challenges. I have a few lined up, but my heart really is in competition.

I can't wait to return to San Diego.

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