Monday, November 8, 2010

An Extra Hour

We all fell back yesterday. An extra hour.

I spent that extra hour camping with friends from the Sierra Club at the El Moro Campgrounds on the Newport coast. The prior night was a blur of conversations about camping gear, eating Chex Mix and drinking Rebel Yell. I honestly can't remember the details, one of the many ramifications of drinking heavily during a camping trip.

I did, however, feel that extra hour was well spent. My day began with waking up to this:

It was glorious. I just wanted to spend the rest of the day adventuring in the wilderness but there was a competition this day. I needed to head over to Corona to defend my cheese steak title at Philly's Best.

I picked up my eating buddy Stephanie "Xanadu" Torres (SXT) so she could compete in the women's division and we headed over to Corona. We arrived early so we thought we'd go ahead and use the racing gift cards I won from the previous cheese steak contest. The race was fantastic, I felt like the Stig from Top Gear:

With my heart beating like a high-compression F1 engine from the race, we went to Philly's Best for the competition. We would compete indirectly with one another, against both competitive eating new comers and veterans, and against my prior record of consuming 4.25 foot long cheese steak sandwiches in 10 minutes.

SXT would go first with the other women and end up winning her second competitive eating competition. She broke my previous best too by devouring 4 1/3 sandwiches in 10 minutes. As usual, I enjoyed watching her eat and welcomed the challenge of the raised cheese steak record.

I competed against 4 guys with no competitive eating experience. My real challenge this day would be beating Xanadu's number, so I kept that goal in my head while I ate my cheese steaks.

I was successful. I set a new record and defended my cheese steak title by consuming 4.75 cheese steak sandwiches in 10 minutes.

We each won 2 more passes for the kart racing, a t-shirt and a $50 Philly's Best gift certificate.

The cheese steaks were much better tasting than I remembered so me and Xanadu finished the remainder of our fifth sandwich then ate a sixth for good measure. We had some ice cream at a local Cold Stone afterwards to balance out the saltiness from the cheese steaks. I was very satisfied after.

We'll be back in Corona next month to defend our respective titles. I'm looking forward to doing more cheese steak eating and go-kart racing. These hours were well spent.

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