Monday, November 22, 2010

All twenty-eight inches.

It has been a rather active week for me with the eating challenges. As much as I miss active competition, there is an allure to taking on a restaurant's eating challenge. Especially when there's money involved.

There's an XL Pizza Challenge that Ballpark Pizza has in Rancho Santa Margarita. Me and Stephanie have been meaning to attempt this. It would be nice to work as a team for a change rather than competing against one another. We also brought along our buddies Aaron and Sal to take on the challenge at the same time. On a stormy Saturday night, we all headed over to Ballpark pizza to devour that cheesy beast.

The challenge itself is pretty straight forward. You and your partner get an hour to eat a 10 pound, 28 inch cheese pizza. If you complete the challenge you get $100 and the pizza is free. Though if you fail, you need to pay $40.

Our pizza arrived first, but we decided to wait for Aaron and Sal's pizza so we could start at the same time. You are given a choice of beverages and condiments to consume with your pizza. I went with my usual cups of water and Stephanie chose to go with tea, no ice. We also opted to go without condiments.

We dove right in. Although quite haphazardly on my end. I began by stuffing an entire slice of pizza into my mouth and the thick, gooey cheese lodged itself into my epiglottis. My throat refused to cooperate... air? Food? Nope, you get neither sir. I am Johnnie's apathetic epiglottis. Fortunately everything came up into my mouth again, I drank a bit of water and swallowed it all. This cost me some time.

Stephanie was absolutely in the zone, with headphones on and a comfortable rocking eating rhythm she put away that pizza with ease. At this point, I was behind but slowly got into my eating groove. I have to admit that my lack of sleep and excessive drinking the night prior didn't help the situation. We eventually powered through it all and set a new house record of 16:55. Aaron and Sal would follow soon with a time of 21:50.

We all got paid.

Apparently victory smells like pizza grease. And after the challenge, we were all thick with the smell of victory. All in all, the challenge was very satisfying and besides the near-death experience, the pizza was very enjoyable. Though there was definitely room for improvement for me. I have another pizza coming up soon.

You can check out the video here:

Before this, I had an enjoyable day looking for accessories at the mall with my buddy Suzie. I'm still searching for colorful rings to wear for my eating events. The closest we got to finding some was at Claire's and the Sanrio Shoppe, but unfortunately I have giant hands and all of their accessories are made for elementary school aged girls. We did find some slick sunglasses at the Diesel store however.

She ended up painting my nails black too. I loved the contrast between my black nails and my bright blue "I <3 BOOBIES" bracelet. I'll keep this up for future events. I wore it to the XL Pizza Challenge.

The next day, after the challenge, the rain finally stopped in Laguna Beach. I stepped outside and caught a glimpse of pristine sky over the ocean. Winter isn't my friend, but the sunlight and ocean help make it tolerable.

Clear skies are one of the most under appreciated luxuries in life. They make eating days so much more pleasant.

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